2015 Great Fast Balloon Drop


Great Fast Balloon Drop 2015
Here are some pictures of our “Great Fast Balloon Drop”!

IMG_6819 IMG_6825IMG_6817 IMG_6824 IMG_6820 IMG_6815

The balloons fell into the Church after our prayers and we all took one into the hall. Fr. Basil led us in a prayer asking for strength to increase our fasting, prayers, and almsgiving during the Great Fast. Then we all popped our balloons to find a message inside! Each message had a special instruction of things we could sacrifice during this period of the Great Fast in order to grow in holiness … closer to God!

Participation Celebrations

When our students attend Church and Catechism activities we like to celebrate their participation. It’s a fun way to encourage them to have good attendance and build community at the same time. In the pictures below, one student earned 75 attendance and participation points and decided to have a group game of soccer to celebrate!

IMG_6722 IMG_6726

Some other fun celebrations have been to share a special snack or drink with your class. Some students chose to make a craft or inspirational posters with their class. A few of our students got to 100 points! One decided to throw a pizza party for everyone with games and music. Three others chose to be taken out for supper or a movie with a Catechism teacher of their choice.