St. Nicholas Concert 2016

Glory be to Jesus Christ ~ Glory be forever!

Dear Families,

We are once again doing a St. Nicholas Concert at St. Athanasius on Sunday, Dec. 4. We are hoping you will attend. To help with planning, it would be great if you would email me and let me know if your children will participate in the Nativity play, and what their costume of choice would be.

The options are:

Angel Gabriel:
Inn Keeper:
3 Kings:
Stable Animals:

I’ve attached the choral speaking parts to this email. I would like if you could practice it with your child. We will focus on the songs and actions during our practices on Monday, Nov. 21 and 28. I will leave the practicing of the spoken rhyming verses to you. Practicing reading fluency and expression are always good things to do! These do not need to be memorized. Also, the children do not need to practice the narrator parts.

In addition, we will have a few children share their talents with everyone during the concert. So far, I’ve confirmed a bass clarinet solo and a keyboarding solo. If your child would like to contribute a talent to the concert, please let me know what he/she would like to do. Some ideas I gave them to think about include: telling a joke, Ukrainian dance, singing, playing an instrument, showing a neat trick, etc… We will interject these throughout the program, so the sooner you can let me know what your child would like to do, the better!

Angela Malowany <>
St. Athanasius Church