With the immigration of Ukrainians to Canada in the late 19th and early 20th century there came many difficulties often causing friends and families to become disassociated with each other. This is exactly what the non-catholic and non-anglophile community wanted.
In 1929 the province of Saskatchewan, under the then Conservative government, forbade the teaching of religion and the visitation of priests and nuns in schools.  The Catholic School trustees were organized with the Ukrainian Catholic trustees joining them. As well as discussing school matters it was decided to institute an organization to which all Ukrainians of Saskatchewan could belong. On July 14, 1932 this organization was formed. On August 14, 1932 a name for the organization was proposed: The Ukrainian Catholic Brotherhood. The first convention took place on Dec. 28th and 29th, 1932.

On Dec. 30, 1932 the Association of Ukrainian Teachers met with co-operation between the Ukrainian Catholic Teachers and the Ukrainian Catholic priests and school trustees. Women and youth took part in this convention later to become independent organizations known as the Ukrainian Catholic Women’s League and the Ukrainian Catholic Youth.

The Ukrainian Catholic Brotherhood was originally organized in 1932 in order to protect the individual rights as well as to safeguard the Ukrainian Catholic Church from political interference.

There were 25 branches of the U.C.B. originally formed in Saskatchewan with branches later forming in other provinces creating the National Council. Today the U.C.B. operates at the Branch, Eparchial and National levels.

The aims of the Brotherhood are as follows:

Catholic Faith:

Develop and enrich the religious and spiritual life in the parish, thereby strengthening the Ukrainian Catholic Church in Canada.

Ukrainian Culture:

Preserve, develop and perpetuate the Ukrainian language and culture to strengthen our identity.

Canadian Citizenship:

Strengthen the spiritual dimensions and moral values of Canadian life.

Social Development:

Initiate and support programs of charitable and social action which exemplify Christian ideals of justice and love.

When it is felt that a member of the UCBC is deserving of and meets the eligibility for, a branch may submit the name of the member to be honoured by joining The Order of the Knights of St. Volodymyr.  The Order of the Knights of St. Volodymyr is a “Merit Order” of the Ukrainian Catholic Brotherhood of Canada. Once officially initiated the member of the Order is known as the ‘ Sir Knight of the Order of St. Volodymyr ‘ and is to be addressed as ‘ Sir Knight ‘.

The Saint Athanasius U.C.B. Branch originated in 1982. St. A’s U.C.B. strives to carry out the four aims of the organization. All meetings begin and end in prayer. We provide ushers and Ministers of Holy Communion at Divine Liturgies. We hand out crosses on Tag Days, carnations on Mother’s Day. We provide cake on Valentine’s Day, prepare brunch on First Holy Communion Sunday. We do the spring clean-up of the Parish and rectory properties. We provide an Honour Guard at many special occasions. We sell sausage at Christmas and Easter,  have a Grey Cup brunch, sell Eparchial raffle tickets, have hot dog sales as some of our ways to raise money that is spent supporting our parish in many ways financially. We donate money to many worthy organizations to help the needy as well promote Ukrainian culture and education in the province. Many of our members volunteer visiting the sick in hospitals as well as shut-ins. We have a great presence volunteering and chairing committees at the Kiev pavilion at Mosaic, the Regina Ukrainian Fall festival to mention a couple of major activities in our city. Many of our members are on the executive of the Eparchial and National U.C.B.C. as well as sitting on committees of many other organizations promoting Ukrainian culture and education. We have an Appreciation Dinner for our members as well as the Altar boys. Many members are also members of the Knights of Columbus.

We hold our meetings on the 4th Wednesday of the month through the year ( no meetings in July and August ) with a social following. A yearly membership of $25 is collected with all funds forwarded to support the Eparchial and national U.C.B.C.

New members are always welcomed and encouraged to help out in any way they can, whether it be by accepting a position on the executive or helping out where you can at one of the many events we are involved in. We are always looking for new ways to strengthen our organization and ideas to make us visible. It is a great way to meet the many men, and their families, in our parish and community and to create friendships that will last many years.

Call the parish office to be put in contact with a member of Saint Athanasius Ukrainian Catholic Brotherhood of Canada to become a member or to get an answer to any questions that you have.


Eparchial UCBC Executive Installed 

The new UCBC Eparchial Executive was installed by His Excellency Bishop Bryan Bayda,CSsR, Eparch of Saskatoon, on Sunday, February 2,2020 at St. Athanasius Church. The new Executive members are:
Spiritual Advisor – Fr. Vasyl Tymishak
President – Bro. Mark Woitas, KSV
Vice President – Bro. Ray Storozuk
Past President – Bro. Bernard Bodnar, KSV
Secretary – Bro. Robert Wuschenny, KSV
Treasurer – Bro. Basil Kuzyk
Hospodar – Bro. Ernest Paluck, KSV
Controlling Commission – Bro. Ernest Paluck, KSV & Bro. Robert Wuschenny, KSV.

The new Eparchial Executive will serve until the next Eparchial Convention in 2021. In addition to routine matters for which the Eparchial Executive is responsible, a major focus of the new Executive will be rejuvenation and renewal of the organization, a process which began at the last Eparchial Convention in October, 2019 and which was furthered at the Eparchial Quarterly Meeting, February 2,2020 with Bishop Budka Branch, Saskatoon, taking the lead.

May God grant them many years! Mnohaya Lita!