Church singing is glorification prayer by which the Church is united with the angelic choirs in glorifying the Most Holy Trinity. Our Liturgical or church music is an expression of worship in choral music. In liturgical singing we take part in the angelic choirs’ “incorporeal” singing, thus “mystically representing the Cherubim.” Thus, sung prayer is a double form of prayer. The liturgical singing of a Church choir is an earthly icon of the heavenly singing of the angelic choirs.

Liturgical singing incorporates everyone into an act of common prayer. Thus, the singing in which God’s people take part at worship always becomes an unrepeatable event in which free persons unite and act as one in order to pray “with one voice and one heart.”

Are you are interested in hearing and learning the music, style, and structure of our traditional Ukrainian Catholic Church services and celebrations?

We are a dedicated group of volunteers coming together as one voice. We bring our varied talents and gifts to our Parish in the collective joy and love of serving the needs of the liturgical services in a traditional style whenever possible.

We lead the singing of the responses with the intention and hope that all congregants who celebrate with us will be enveloped in the lushness of acapella singing that is our tradition in our Ukrainian Catholic Rite. We encourage all present to sing and “be present” as part of that rich, unique tradition.

Responses are sung in English for Sundays, Feast Days, Lent, Funerals, and special occasions. We do sing many hymns in Ukrainian, and also in English using traditional Ukrainian Catholic Church melodies.

Our group size ranges in numbers, depending on the particular service and availability of the regular members, from 1 or 2 through to 16 to 18 singers, under the direction of our Parish Cantor. Our style and approach allow for choir members to participate at their level of skill. The ability to read music is not a perquisite, but basic musical ability including an ear for harmonies, a sense of timing, and the willingness to listen to each other, learn services, and follow basic direction is most welcome! We also encourage the singers to attend as many of the services and practices as possible.

New members are encouraged to join us! Our practises are currently infrequent, depending on the type of upcoming services, but feel free to introduce yourself to us, and join us regularly on Sundays! Watch for bulletin announcements of practice times. Please call the Parish Office for current contact information.