Our Public Services and events are temporary suspended or postponed

Updated March 20, 2020

Glory be to Jesus Christ!

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I hope that you and your family are doing well.

The spread of the virus in our province and around the world is a matter of concern for all of us.  Though our parish community takes our liturgical and organizational life seriously, given the extraordinary circumstances we face at this time – especially for those members of our congregations (the elderly and those with compromised immune systems) – please note the following directives for our parish and pastoral district:

1.Sunday Divine Liturgy: All Liturgical Services in Regina and pastoral district are cancelled until further notice.  Recall that Bishop Bryan has already dispensed the faithful from obligations to attend services or Divine Liturgy, so as difficult as not attending church this Sunday will be for many of you, let your conscience be at peace.   

However, please participate “remotely” via our Parish Facebook Livestream Liturgies by clicking on the icon on our website or “TUNE IN” from our Eparchial Website on the Home Page by clicking on the “LITURGY LIVE ICON”! 

We will not be printing a weekly bulletin for the Sundays indicated above, however, one will be posted on our parish website. You can call us: 306-543-8008 or 306-519-9030 or check our website or Facebook for further updates.

2. Confessions and other sacraments by appointment at phone number or email address below, following the required regulations.

3. For Easter breads, perogies, cabbage rolls available for sale please call our parish office:  306-543-8008.

4. A decision regarding Holy Week & Easter Services will be made by the beginning of April.

5. Love your Neighbour: At a time like this, I encourage all of you to be mindful of the need to support fellow parishioners and other community members, especially the elderly, the sick, and those who are otherwise home-bound. One of the blessings of so many canceled or postponed events is that we have more time to connect with those around us.  

Many members of our society are afraid, anxious, isolated, alone, and wondering if anyone would even notice if they’re gone.  Consider checking up on your neighbour, those who live next door to you or those you know from church, to remind them that you care!

“For us Christians, it’s time to have faith in God. We must have trust in man and in life. History teaches that from these difficulties man has always gained and grown. The important thing now is not to let panic prevail. Many times, panic from the virus harms more than illness itself”.

Let us pray to our God and Saviour, Jesus Christ – our Divine Healer to bestow His grace of healing upon all of humanity. Let us beseech our Lord to strengthen our trust in Divine Providence upon our nation, our communities, and our families.

For future updates please call:



E-mail: vasyltymishak@gmail.com

OR Parish Office: 
Phone:  306-543-8008          

E-mail:  stathanasius@sasktel.net

OR Parish Council President

Rosanne Miller at 306-543-5773

Blessings and God’s peace to you and your family,

Fr. Vasyl

2020-03-20 Pastoral Letter to Eparchy of Saskatoon regarding COVID-19